Crafts for a Cause: Detroit-based Artist Mary Hubbard Launches Her Own Contemporary Art Collection Website to Support Charitable Efforts

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Many artists recognize that they reap several advantages when they use their talent to help people in need. It allows individuals to express their creativity and communicate with others in new ways. Personal preferences, artistic strengths, geographic region, and other factors all influence how artists might contribute to charity.

Visual art takes on a greater meaning when inspiration originates from a genuine desire to serve a compelling purpose. Through their works, artists can express themselves more significantly by contributing to a significant cause while raising awareness and encouraging potential patrons to support not only the artist, but also what they stand for.

Mary Hubbard as a Unique Contemporary Artist

Mary Hubbard, an artist and painter from Detroit, MI, is one of those who uses her gifts for the benefit of others. Mary has started her own website, CRAFTS FOR A CAUSE, where her unique contemporary artworks on canvas are on display and on sale to help those around her.

Contemporary art is often about ideas and concerns rather than solely the aesthetic, where artists try different ways of experimenting with ideas and materials. Mary's works generally revolve around regular American life and experience. She exudes emotions and stories from everyday objects, places, and scenery. Her style reflects the complex issues that shape our diverse, global, and rapidly changing world.

"After months of combing through my archive and trying to acquire the finest quality and resolution of the selected artworks, I am glad to publicly share my website with all of you," she said. "I genuinely hope you appreciate the website and everything it has to offer."

Mary's earlier works, as well as her most recent ones, are showcased on her website. Some of her most notable pieces are the nostalgic 'picket fence,' the striking 'collage,' and the whimsical 'rhetorical question: what am I thinking?', all of which are readily available on her official digital platforms.

Crafts for a Cause by Mary Hubbard

As a member of the gallery, Mary continues to create striking paintings for her patrons. She is currently working on her next collection of over 100 new artworks, which will be sequentially released monthly. Images of her latest pieces will be posted on Crafts for a Cause and her gallery. Up to half of the proceeds from these websites will be donated to charitable causes.

According to Mary, her websites aim to spark the interest of future patrons who share the same visual preference or anyone who might find meaning in the paintings she creates.

"The realm of art is not like retail capitalism," she explains. "Artists do not compete with each other. Artists frequently use their work to communicate themselves or their thoughts. I chose to use my art to try and make some difference for myself and the people in the community."

In addition to being a visual artist, Mary is also a published author. She has written and published two books: Danger of Deception (2017) and 7 Years Weight Loss, 7 Years Vegetarian, and 7 Years Organic (2019). Lastly, Mary is also a talented crocheter in her spare time.

Mary Hubbard's paintings can be viewed and purchased over at her two artist pages, and

For pricing requests and other inquiries, interested parties can also contact her via email at [email protected].

Mary Hubbard
[email protected]
(313) 407-8457

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