Sealant Web Films Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2020 - 2025

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Global Sealant Web Films Revenue to Witness over 4% Year on Year Growth by H2 2019, Value Pegged at over US$ 60 Bn: Says Future Market Insights

Witnessing more than 4% Y-o-Y growth over 2018, the roughly US$ 60 Bn market for sealant web films is expanding at a steady pace. In a new research outlook on global sealant web films landscape, Future Market Insights projects moderate growth prospects for sealant web films market through the next couple of years.

Bio-based Sealant Web Films Gain Traction Even as Sustainability Firms Up

  • Riding the massive sustainability tide, the packaging industry is also taking a steep turn to bio-based materials adoption.
  • To meet carbon footprint reduction standards, established manufacturers of sealant web films are focusing on bio-based sealant web films production.
  • Incorporation of superior barrier properties will remain of paramount importance in these sustainable sealant web films.

Stand-up Pouches stand out in the Retail Crowd

  • Already occupying a sizeable area of retail shelves, stand-up pouches are constantly being improvised with design, material, and functional innovations.
  • Prominent R&D efforts are targeting diverse sealant web film packages, including coffee frac-pouches, pillow pouches, and (gusseted) stand-up pouches.
  • FMI expects promising prospects for the growth of stand-up pouches made from sealant web films.

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Anti-fog Sealant Web Films Package a Majority of Frozen & Chilled RTE Meals

Product visibility has always been decisive while capturing consumer interests. Anti-fog treated sealant web films are demonstrating excellent performance in both extremely hot and cold conditions, and thus we are finding extensive applicability of anti-fog sealant web films across a plethora of business verticals, says a senior analyst at FMI.

The analyst adds further, With growing preference for optical clarity besides product protection and labeling, anti-fog sealant web films are observing soaring adoption within the packaging industry. Prominent players and converters active in sealant web films landscape are therefore focusing on the incorporation of a myriad treatments and coatings in sealant web film production.

Excellent Barrier Properties Remain the Top QC Standard

  • While nylon and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) have been the most commonly used barrier materials in packaging, sealant web films with superior barrier attributes help packaging companies take a step further.
  • Multi-layered sealant web films are gradually gaining a ‘preferred’ status as they make packaging materials tougher and better sealers, besides adding a value with more convenient open features.
  • FMI discovers that multi-layered sealant web films are steadily being favored by both F&B and pharmaceuticals brands, and retailers, as they separately involve sealant and barrier layers.

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Segmentation Insights on Sealant Web Films

Material Type Analysis

  • Polyethylene, currently accounting for more than 1/3rd share of the sealant web films revenue, is also witnessing a gradual decline in recent years – on the backdrop of its non-biodegradable nature.
  • PLA on the other hand is visibly displaying impressive adoption opportunities. Owing to its versatility and biodegradability that contributes to the growing sustainability quotient, polylactic acid is slated to witness 5% Y-o-Y growth by 2029 end.

Application-wise Assessment

  • Despite an existing revenue share of over 55%, Future Market Insights analysis of applications of sealant web films reflects a steadily declining prospects for bags.
  • Flat and stand-up pouches on the other hand are witnessing lucrative growth avenues of late, and are likely to garner a 5% Y-o-Y growth rate for the pouches segment by 2019 end.
  • Consumer demand for convenience has been identified to be the key differentiator that enables the latter to outpace former in the near future.

According to the end-use analysis of sealant web films market, food and beverages sector accounts for over half of the market value at present and is thus the clear dominator in sealant web films landscape. Whereas, regional evaluation of sealant web films market uncovers the strongest growth potential of Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).

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