Why is Miriam's Earthen Cookware the healthiest clay cookware?

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Boston, Massachusetts Apr 8, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - Among the wide array of cookware brands in the market, this US-based brand known as Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is making a name for itself by offering something unique and incomparable. And that is - a promise of cooking the healthiest food backed by evidence. Also, there is a lot of hard work involved in the way they do things differently.

A unique raw material - Pure and tested primary clay

Unlike conventional brands that stick to metals and ceramics, MEC uses an all-natural material, primarily clay. They harvest it from non-industrialized and unfarmed lands in the US after testing a clay sample in a reputable lab. This ensures there are no toxins present. Moreover, they do not use any additives or chemicals in any form. This makes MEC pots and pans 100% non-toxic so they don't leach while cooking.

Handmade using a potter's wheel

There are some cookware brands that make clay cookware but none of them are handmade. Any mechanized process calls for use of chemicals and there is a risk of contamination of cookware. Therefore, MEC handmakes individual pieces on a potter's wheel - a step that requires hard work and consumes more time, but it's all worth it when your health is at stake.

Ergonomically designed with healthy features

The unique design of the MEC pot and lid gives them many healthy features. These pots are versatile and can cook a variety of dishes like soups and stews, slow-cooked meals, Dutch oven dishes, pressure-cooked dishes, yogurt, teas & decoctions, and so on. And you can use them on any heat source - gas/electric/glass cooktop and in the oven. But their best healthy feature is - their ability to manage steam (water-soluble nutrients) during cooking.

The steam rising from food keeps condensing on the inside of the lid that stays cooler than the rest of the pot. And it keeps falling back into food, so all the water-soluble nutrients stay locked in the food. Our bodies need these nutrients daily because they can't be stored. This makes MEC the only cookware with this amazing feature.

Nutrient Retention

MEC pots retain even the most delicate nutrients that are destroyed by harsh heat from other cookware materials. The unique far infrared heat that radiates from pure clay is gentle. It thoroughly cooks food by penetrating deep into it at low heat and retains all the nutrients. Also, the natural color and aroma of food stay intact.

All these unique healthy features make MEC the healthiest cookware out there. Their website is at www.miriamsearthencoowkare.com from where you get a lot of useful information on healthy clay cooking and order a pot/pan of your choice. They ship worldwide.

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