Reasons to Invest in a Great Mattress

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Salespeople often try to turn their product into the most important thing in the world. They'll try to say that you can't live without this new carpet, that your life won't be complete without that great car, and that getting a great mattress may change your life. The difference between these three is that the last one is actually true. Or at least it is potentially true. Here are some reasons why.

1 - You spend a lot of time sleeping

Don't forget: you spend a lot of time sleeping. In fact, the average person will spend 26 years of their life sleeping. For reference, the life expectancy of the average American is 78 years, according to the CDC. You will spend 34% of that time sleeping. The time you will spend working amounts to only 18% of your lifespan.

Since sleep is such a huge part of your life, it makes sense to invest in making it as pleasurable an experience as possible, and a great mattress can do that for you. Especially if it's combined with a quality bed base.

2 - Your health revolves around your sleep

The brain likes to filter out things that are predictable and mundane. As a result, as long as our sleep cycles are going well, we tend to forget how important sleep is.

Your time spent in bed is crucial to the maintenance of your body. The quality of your sleep affects everything from your mood to the strength of your immune system. Sleeping well reduces inflammation, boosts cognitive function, and lowers the risk of heart disease. If the price of a good mattress seems steep, just look at it as a way to prevent medical bills in the future.

3 - Bad mattress hurt your body

Do you wake up sore and achy? Maybe you need a good stretching session once you get out of bed just to recover. That's not ideal. Sleeping shouldn't be a physically taxing ordeal, not if your body is in order. However, old and low-quality mattresses often don't support your body correctly. As a result, your posture while your sleep is affected, and different areas of your body suffer negative effects. Neck, spine, and joint problems are all commonly caused or accentuated by sleeping on a bad mattress.

Chiropractors will often recommend that patients change their mattresses as part of their treatment. Why not jump a few painful steps, and invest in a mattress now, before a doctor orders you to?

4 - You get more for your money

One of the benefits of high-quality mattresses is that they can last a long time. Instead of changing mattresses every few years, you can look for one you will be able to use for the next ten or twenty years. There will be maintenance involved, of course, especially to make sure the mattress stays clean and fresh. But maintenance is cheaper and less troublesome than buying a new one.

5 - Quality brings people joy

It's just nice to have quality products around the house. A great mattress, combined with a well-designed bed, becomes a refuge. A place you can look forward to returning to and relaxing every night. That subjective feeling of quality alone might be enough to help you sleep more soundly every night.

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