Hand Sanitizer Market Competitive Landscape, Driving Factors and Challenges Analysis 2030

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Presently, the coronavirus outbreak across the globe has resulted insoaring sales of hand sanitizers as they help reducing the risk of catchingcertain bacteria and infections. In addition to this, the rising awarenessabout benefits of hand hygiene practice among people across the globe will fueldemand in the market.

Moreover, campaigns launched bygovernments and various companies spreading awareness about precautions to betaken amidst coronavirus outbreak has positively impacted the sales of handsanitizers worldwide. Not only big but smaller players in hand sanitizersmarket have witnessed a high growth in sales since the outbreakof the virus. Various government bodies across the globe have alsoprovided licenses to new manufacturers, sugar, and distilleries industry forthe production of hand sanitizer and also helping them to smoothen the supplychain process to meet the growing demand.

Covid-19 which had started inChina, is now labelled as a pandemic worldwide. As of 7th April, 2020, thetotal positive cases recorded across the globe were 1.3 Mn and 76,344 totalnumber of deaths. It has effected 209 countries and territories so far. Exceptessential products and services, all businesses are temporarily under lockdownwhich is impacting the global economy. Online retailers also face variouschallenges in product delivery due to country lockdown, and low stockavailability.

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However,initiatives taken by various governments' across the globe to create awarenessamong people and check the growth rate of people getting infected. This showspositive sign of regularity in coming quarter for few countries such as China,India etc.

On the back of these factors,the global hand sanitizer market is estimated to be valued at ~US$ 1.4 Bn in2020 and expected to expand at 7.2% CAGR during the forecast period of2020-2030.

Key Takeaways from the Hand Sanitizer Market Study

  • North America is expected to dominate the global hand sanitizermarket owing to rise in prevalence of COVID-19 disease among people in US andstates. Moreover, the healthcare facilities are installing new hand hygienetechnology and relying on it to change hand hygiene behaviour among staff andvisitors, are the factors driving the hand sanitizer market in the region.
  • East Asia is expected to retain its dominance in the global handsanitizer market, due to expanding government initiatives to promote the usageof hand hygiene products in order to reduce infections along with increase productavailability at hospitals and other healthcare centres in the region.
  • According to the report, prominent players and new manufacturershave significantly increased their production capacity to ensure the continuoussupplies of hand sanitizer across the globe due to the rise in demand for suchproducts among households, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Packaging, A Key To Brand Differentiation to Propel HandSanitizer Sales

People are likely to be moreattracted to innovative packaging of hand sanitizers as compared to impact ofkey ingredient in the products. Thus, innovative packaging design, new productcolour is expected to boost sales of the hand sanitizer worldwide. UnileverPLC, Henkel AG & Company, KGaA and other companies uses attractivepackaging strategy to increase their sales of hand sanitizers. In addition,with the increasing adoption of hand sanitizer among people manufacturers arenow focused on selling premium hand sanitizer to expand their product portfolioand market share. The premium hand sanitizer with key ingredients and differentfunctionality including moisturizing, germ killing, fragrances, and many moreis significantly taking retail space across the globe. Moreover, people are nowready to spend on premium sanitizer due to their high concern for health.

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"Dueto SARS and MERS coronavirus outbreak various organizations have significantlyshifted their production line to produce alcohol based hand sanitizer.Moreover, prominent raw material suppliers have also increased their productioncapacity to develop ethanol or ethyl alcohol, and Isopropyl ingredient tosupport the production of hand sanitizer worldwide." says an FMI analyst.

Who is winning?

Some of the key playersoperating in the hand sanitizer market are The Procter and Gamble Company, Gojoindustry Inc., Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC, Best sanitizers Inc., The HimalayaDrug Company, Henkel Corporation, Unilever, Kutol Products Company, LinkwellCorporation, Vi-Jon Laboratories, Inc., Chattem Inc., Cossmic Products, CarrollCompany, Seatex Ltd., and Guangzhou Beaver Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Several leading handsanitizer players are launching new innovative products with multiple featuresdue to increasing consumer interest in chemical free products and significantlyfocuses on promotional activities to create awareness among people. At present,manufacturers are focusing on increase in production capacity to have a surplusinventory and cope up with growing market demand as well as increase productavailability in the retail shelf space.

  • In March 2020, The Procter and Gamble Company has increasedits production capacity and distribution of hand sanitizer in fivemanufacturing facilities around the globe. In the coming days, company'sproduction facility will expand to five additional location worldwide with thecapacity of 45,000 litres per week.
  • In March 2020, Unilever entered into a strategic partnershipwith UK government and co-fund a US$ 61.1 Bn hand washing campaign to createawareness among people during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Campaign to reachpeople through TV, Radio, Print, Social, and digital media Channel.

Get Valuable Insights into Hand Sanitizer Market

Future Market Insights, in itsnew offering, provides an unbiased analysis of the global hand sanitizermarket, presenting historical demand data (2015-2019) and forecast statisticsfor the period from 2020-2030. The study reveals compelling insights on thehand sanitizer market on the basis of product type (foaming hand sanitizers,foaming instant hand sanitizer, instant hand sanitizer gel, and spray handsanitizer), content (alcohol based {upto 60% content and above 60% content},non-alcohol based), active ingredient (ethanol or ethyl alcohol, benzalkoniumchloride, isopropyl), packaging type (flip-flop bottles, pump bottles,dispensing packets, jars/cans), end use (institutional {hospitals &healthcare, offices/commercial, foodservice, food processing, schools &universities, manufacturing & industrial, hospitality, grocery, conveniencestore & retail, and others}, household), pack size (Below 100 ml, 101ml-300 ml, 301 ml -500 ml, 501 m & Above) and sales channel (direct andindirect {hypermarkets/supermarkets, specialty stores, multi-brand stores,discount stores, independent departmental stores, online retailers, and othersales channel) across all regions.

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