Why You Shouldn't Use a Real Estate Agent

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When someone is trying to sell a house, the gut instinct is to hire a real estate agent to make this happen. Many people don't pause to ask why this is the case. They simply assume this is the right thing to do. Therefore, they call around, hire an agent, and sell their house or condo. At the same time, when someone looks down at the total amount of money they are actually getting for their property, they are often shocked at how small the check is. Why is this the case? Because someone went with a real estate agent instead of a professional home buyer such as Axess Home Buyers. Why should homeowners steer clear of a real estate agent when selling a house?

Real Estate Agents Only Trust the Multiple Listing Service

First, most real estate agents are going to list the property on the Multiple Listing Service, which is often shortened to MLS. While this is where most agents go to find a property, this is also a big problem. There are plenty of homes for sale that aren't on the MLS. In addition, many people who are looking to buy a house don't have access to the MLS unless they hire a real estate agent. The end result is that the house might not be visible to the general public. This makes the home harder to sell.After all, if more people are able to see the home, the greater the interest the property is going to receive. This may end up leading to a higher selling price.

The Real Estate Commission

Real estate agents expect to be paid for their service. While this is fair, the real estate commission that agents receive can be exorbitant. Some people might lose more than 6 percent of the value of their home to the agent. Real estate agents will claim that this is fair because the house will sell for more money if they are involved; however, will the house really sell for 5 to 10 percent more money if the agent is involved? It is fair to be skeptical.

There are Better Alternatives

Finally, the biggest reason why people should avoid using a real estate agent is that there are better alternatives. Those who are looking to receive the most money possible for their property should go with a professional homebuyer. Avoid the Multiple Listing Service, which is the inner circle for real estate agents. Avoid having to pay a real estate agent a commission. Have the house evaluated and purchased by a professional home buying service. This can make a significant difference in the overall value of the home.

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