FrontLobby: Assisting Housing Providers To Find Great Renters & Delivering Positive Credit Scores To Renters

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An emerging trailblazer in the industry, FrontLobby is providing housing providers the power to evade late and no rental payments by renters.

The web-based platform has tech agnostic features, which assist Canadians with low incomes and older and young adults in using Rent Reporting for positive credit scores.

The housing providers can screen the credit scores and choose the renter by screening past monthly rent payment data by the Credit Bureaus.

August 2022: The house price to rent ratio in Canada accumulated to 143.3 percent in 2021. Toronto and Vancouver have emerged as the most expensive Canadian cities for rent, with no signs of it decreasing in the coming future. The house price to rent ratio was stable; however, growth augmented in 2020. According to a survey by the World Economic Forum, 42% of respondents live in rental accommodation in Canada and 37% in the U.S.A.

FrontLobby was designed to serve housing providers of all sizes. The groundbreaking platform is unique to the industry and does not require a technology integration, making it one of the only platforms available to smaller “mom-and-pop” landlords. Already creating a stir in both Canada and the United States, housing providers in both countries can use the platform to track and submit rental payments to the credit bureaus.

Co-Founder of FrontLobby, Zac Killam, is the innovative mind behind this platform. Killam has years of experience as a technology entrepreneur, housing provider, and once renter. His hands-on expertise in the rental industry is unparalleled, driven by the desire to improve the rental industry for everyone.

We are working towards helping and empowering housing providers to fight the inflating economy. The focus is also to strengthen tenants' credit scores and create financial equality for renters across the country. - Zac Killam, CEO and Co-Founder, FrontLobby.

With this new technology, housing providers can reduce the risk of providing affordable housing and feel confident in choosing prospective tenants. The platform provides new assurances for housing providers that are currently missing in the industry. It is important to note that rent reporting delivers on average a 36% reduction in delinquencies with some reporting up to a 92% decrease in late and non-payment of rent.

As a promising platform for housing providers, FrontLobby is also delivering innumerable benefits to renters. New Canadians and young adults who are new to credit understand the imperativeness of rent reporting and the positive impact making timely rent payments can have on their credit. Renters can use their newfound credit profile to gain access to low-interest rates from banks. Housing providers who screen potential tenants using a credit report can see a history of positive rental payments and will prioritize those renters. With improved credit, renters can unlock the financial freedom they desire.

Yes, positive credit scores are beneficial for both renters and housing providers!

It has been stated by one of the country's biggest credit reporting agencies that 73% of renters are more likely to pay timely rent if the housing providers report regular rent payments to credit bureaus.

FrontLobby has emerged as a leader in the rental industry by setting a promising example and creating a strong footing with innovative services. Delivering benefits to both renters and housing providers, FrontLobby allows users to easily track rent payments on the platform, screen potential tenants with tools like credit reports, and report payments to credit bureaus. While housing providers witness a reduction in untimely rent payments, renters can build a positive rental record and earn great credit. Together, these features assist in reducing rental debts and issues related to renting housing.

About us

FrontLobby’s mission is to empower the businesses and lives of landlords and property managers while enriching the lives of responsible tenants.

FrontLobby provides the means and tools for landlords to attract great tenants, reduce the frequency and impact of delinquencies, and drive operating efficiencies while providing tenants—seeking to establish or rebuild credit—with a liberating way to improve their credit.

In doing so, FrontLobby enables landlords to increase revenue while decreasing the time it takes for responsible tenants to unlock and access future credit-related rewards for themselves and their loved ones.

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