Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) Market Size Growth, Share, Merger, Key Companies, CAGR Status by 2028

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These compounds are volatile and exhibit superior coating and excellent adhesion properties. Polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are notably applied for wall paints, wood coatings, leather finishes, textiles finishes, plastics and metal coating, and high performance substrates, etc. However, it is a miniscule industry, but it has a huge potential to conquest the latexes and emulsions markets. Polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) as adhesives, are used widely on instrument panels, dashboards, interior door panels, gearshift levers, automotive seats, and others.

The Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) Market is segmented on the Basis of By Product Types, Applications Types and Geographical Analysis. By Product Types this market is segmented on the basis of Water Based Polyurethane Dispersions and Solvent Based Polyurethane Dispersions.

By Applications Types this market is segmented on the basis of Synthetic Leather Production, Natural Leather Finishing, Textile Finishing and Others (Including Adhesives And Coatings, Etc.). By Geographical Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa.

Global polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) market is divided as water based and solvent based polyurethane dispersions categories based on their product type. It helps in manufacturing of low levels of organic compounds.

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Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) Market is Expected to Cross US$ 2 Billion by2023.

Leading companies in this market are Bayer Material Science AG, BASF SE., Chemtura Corporation, Dow Chemical Company, Mitsui Chemicals Inc., and Cytec Industries Inc., etc. these companies are continuously making research to find effective and cheaper application of this material. Such market giants are enormously spending on the research and development to acquire the future market.

Polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are emerging water based coating materials that are made up of solvent based analogy. It is an aqueous and anionic dispersion of high molecular weight aliphatic polyester polyurethanes. Polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are employed to prepare polyurethane applications that contain very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Properties like abrasion resistance, impact strength and low temperature flexibility are the dynamic forces leading to growing usage in many applications.

Major demand for this market rises from the synthetic leather production industry. This segment has other primary applications such as natural leather finishing, textile finishing, automobiles, furniture and interiors, and other applications. Relevantly, our reports and company profiles specifies the key drivers that are impacting the demand in global polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) market.

Owing to the stringent environmental regulations on solvent-based polyurethane dispersions (PUDs), the water based PUDs are gaining immense market growth. In the near future, solvent-based dispersions will be totally replaced by aqueous based dispersions - a form of water-based material. For cost effectiveness, this material is blended with acrylic emulsions because of comparable properties, as MDI and TDI are expensive. As they have remarkable properties such as flexibility, corrosion resistance, weather stability, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, abrasion resistance, and tensile strength, they are profoundly used in industries like automotive, textile, leather, interior and exterior furniture, footwear and many other applications.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights

5 Market Overview

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Evolution
5.3 Market Segmentation
5.3.1 By Type
5.3.2 By Application
5.4 Market Dynamics
5.4.1 Drivers High Potential From Textile and Leather Industry Increasing Global Demand for Automotives Growth in Furniture and Interiors Industry
5.4.2 Restraints High Price of Raw Materials
5.4.3 Opportunities Government Regulations Regarding Environmentally Friendly Products
5.4.4 Challenges Manufacturing Products With Low Voc

6 Industry Trends

7 Polyurethane Dispersions Market, By Type

8 Polyurethane Dispersions Market, By Application

9 Regional Analysis

10 Competitive Landscape

11 Company Profiles

11.1 Introduction

11.2 Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

11.3 Cytec Industries Inc.

11.4 BASF SE

11.5 The DOW Chemical Company

11.6 Covestro AG

11.7 Lubrizol Corporation

11.8 Alberdingk Boley Gmbh

11.9 Chase Corporation

11.10 Chemtura Corporation

11.11 Coim S.P.A.

11.12 ICAP-Sira Chemicals and Polymers S.P.A.

11.13 Lamberti S.P.A.

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