How to Buy an Apartment Directly from the Builder?

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Want to know how to buy an apartment directly with the builder? Then check out the content Sky Marketing has prepared for you!

Fortunately, in today’s bustling Pakistani real estate market, there are several ways to get out of renting and realize the dream of home ownership. However, even with so many options available, some are still not as well known. And you, do you know how to buy an apartment directly with the builder?

This is a possibility that has been gaining more and more space, given that it offers many interesting advantages and, on top of that, it also gives the possibility to live in a completely new place and in tune with current demands. Keep reading the content and learn more about it!

What are the Advantages of Buying Directly from the Builder?

Before we present the step-by-step process of buying an apartment directly from the construction company, we are going to present some of the advantages that you will have when opting for this type of acquisition, especially if you know how to choose one of the good companies that operate in this market. See below for some benefits.

Less Bureaucracy in Approval

One of the great advantages of buying directly from the construction company is that, since companies are directly interested in closing the deal, the tendency is that they do not put too many obstacles and offer less bureaucracy to grant approval. In a segment that is often complex, this is a nice benefit.

It is likely that you will only need to present basic documentation, such as RG and CPF, in addition to proof of credit assessment, such as your payslip, income tax return or bank statements. There is also no need to provide the property documentation, which would occur if you were to finance with a bank.

Flexible Payment Terms

In the same way that the construction company’s interest in selling ends up providing less bureaucracy for the client, this also tends to generate more flexible payment terms. In this case, you will obey the rules of each company, which have autonomy and freedom to define its own financing conditions.

This means that, although there is some variation depending on some factors, such as the type of project, the stage of the work and the demand, it is very likely that you will gain flexibility according to your budget. This can be positively reflected in the sign, interest, installments and/or intermediate installments, for example.

Completely New Installations

One of the biggest advantages of buying an apartment directly from the construction company is that it tends to be a property in the plant or in the launch phase. This means that you and your family will be moving to a location that has completely new facilities that have never been used by anyone else.

The electrical system, for example, will be in tune with today’s demands, with more outlet points and the capacity to accommodate many appliances and electronics, which are well used today. The same thing goes for the hydraulic part, with materials in line with our legislation, as well as all other items on the site.

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Modern Site Infrastructure

It’s not just the unit that has completely new and modern facilities when you buy directly from the builder. The location itself, be it a building or a condominium, tends to reflect the spaces and solutions that are in vogue at the moment, causing greater demand in the real estate market.

In addition to the entire residential building having new electrical and hydraulic networks, with state-of-the-art materials and a good finish, it is very likely that you will have leisure areas. The contemporary lifestyle calls for comfort and practicality, which is reflected in a gym, sports courts, a ballroom and much more.

How to Buy an Apartment Directly from the Builder?

After knowing some of the main advantages of buying directly from the construction company, you should be considering making this type of acquisition, getting all the benefits of not having intermediaries in your acquisition. With that in mind, we’ve separated these tips for you to hit your choice. See below.

Check the Company’s Reputation in the Market

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when buying an apartment directly from a construction company is not checking the company’s reputation in the market. This is very important, especially if we consider that this acquisition involves high values é??é??and should not be carried out with institutions or people who are not reputable.

The good side of this story is that, nowadays, it is very easy to do this, as we have the advent of the internet. Open your browser and do a good search, checking the name and CNPJ, in addition to comments from customers who have already purchased properties from other projects, analyzing their criticism, praise or complaints.

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Understand Well the Payment Dynamics

To buy an apartment directly from the builder, you must also understand the payment dynamics, as it can be a little different from what happens, most of the time, with traditional banks. It is worth remembering that each company may have some characteristics and details specified in writing in the agreement.

There are differences between the property that is ready and those that are under construction. For units in the plant, it is very common to pay monthly installments until delivery of the keys, often interest-free. Then there may be a single tranche as well as intermediate ones. Check the contract before signing.

Check the Quality of Units Already Delivered

Another very interesting tip for those who want to buy an apartment directly from the construction company is to pay a personal visit to a project that was carried out by the company. This allows, among other things, you to check with your own eyes the quality of similar units that have already been delivered.

It’s a smart way to get relevant information about the work and even about the company’s suitability for customers, asking owners and employees if there were any problems if the structure is good, if the materials have good durability and so on.

After checking out this content, you are ready to buy an apartment directly from the builder. If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the help of a real estate agent or a trusted broker!

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