True Allies Lifting Female Filmmakers In a Male-Dominated Industry – Chrome The Series Director Timothy Hines and Actress Natasha Coppola-Shalom

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Above: Katie Erin Tomlinson as Chrome in the Amazon Prime hit series "Chrome: The Series" with critical praise and millions of pleased viewers.

Rachel Pearson, the founder of Brighton Digital Women and host of The FANMADE Film Podcast, is joined by celebrity actress Natasha Coppola-Shalom and visionary feminist director Timothy Hines in a lively discussion of feminism, the changing face of Hollywood and our love of Star Wars and Star Wars fan films.

Pearson says of the podcast, "Natasha is the grandniece of Francis Ford Coppola and niece of Nicholas Cage and is an absolute powerhouse of passion and talent. Timothy is a true ally in lifting female filmmakers and characters up in a male-dominated industry. I loved talking to them both about this and their new mini-series Chrome, available on Amazon Prime now."

Watch Rachel Pearson's FANMADE Film Podcast discussion with director Timothy Hines and actress Natasha Coppola-Shalom here:

The podcast deeply explores the challenges of women working in film, Hines' feminist movie "10 Days in a Madhouse", how women should approach the industry, as well as the challenges of producing an epic mini-series like Chrome: The Series. Natasha Coppola-Shalom provides her views of being a working actress in the film industry and overcoming the barriers inherent in the system. And they talk Star Wars!

In the wake of Wonder Woman 1984's release postponements, Hines' and his producer Susan Goforth's hit female superhero robot show Chrome: The Series is filling the void left by absent Hollywood blockbusters. Above: Chrome: The Series courtesy Pendragon Pictures and Wonder Woman 1984 courtesy Warner Bros.

With the Covid-19 pandemic having closed and limited theaters across the globe pushing back release dates of major Hollywood female superhero films Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow and Mulan, a fresh female superhero Chrome: The Series landed on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ on schedule this May 30, 2020. Continuing its success with strong viewership and positive reviews, the superhero fantasy Chrome: The Series is filling a void left by the absent Hollywood blockbusters.

Susan Goforth plays EL The Reclaimer, a frenzied desperate robot hunter whose character represents a myriad of worldly sins and destructive selfishness brought about by abandonment, loss and fear. Chrome: The Series is an scifi action adventure fantasy TV show Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Prime Video UK, Roku, Vimeo and AppleTV.

Female superhero mini-series Chrome: The Series is streaming on Amazon Prime in its 6th strong week with an audience of 150 million viewers. Chrome is an escapist fantasy adventure about a female robot slave Chrome (Katie Erin Tomlinson) who defies her cruel masters with the help of a repairbot named Perdix (Natasha Coppola-Shalom) to right injustices in a dystopian world. Chrome draws its inspiration from classic era science fiction and fantasy serial cliffhangers.

Above: Rachel Pearson, filmmaker and host of The FANMADE Film Podcast interviews the industry's top talent in their field to bring perspective and ideas to the makers of fanmade shows and so much more.

Rachel Pearson says of herself, "I'm Rachel and I love talking to people who know more about things than I do. It's a great way to learn. Film is my first love, Star Wars a close second. I adore cleverly written stories that involve lightsabers, magic, aliens and/or dragons, and people who tell me all about how they created them. By night I host the FANMADE Film Podcast, by day I am a digital marketer and creative for a digital agency."

Rachel Pearson's new podcast looks at projects like Chrome: The Series through the eye of a fanmade film aficionado in part, to share tips, secrets and innovations to the fanmade world.

Above: Chrome, an escaped robot slave turned superhero, brings justice to a world turned upside down. Chrome: The Series pilot episode on Amazon Prime.

The standard of fanmade films has gotten so high in terms of SFX, original scores, acting, and storytelling, that many are now on an equal footing with cinematic releases. Rachel Pearson, a self-confessed nerd and avid Star Wars fangirl, along with her guests who are filmmakers, artists, actors, and crew, discuss why and how this surge in fan film content is happening. Professional filmmaker guests offer listeners inspiration for their own projects, as well as highlighting the creators, production companies and artists who are doing awesome film work.

Above: The rise of Chrome the female robot superhero in the hit hyper-action adventure fantasy Chrome: The Series pilot episode on Amazon Prime.

The FANMADE Film Podcast is a dive into the roots of fan passion, through the lens of professional filmmaking. Rachel and her guests share practical filmmaking advice and tap into the experience and learnings of filmmakers' careers.

Listen on Spotify, Sounder iTunes Google Podcasts and YouTube.  

Chrome: The Series official trailer:   Find Chrome: the Series on Amazon Prime US here:   and on Amazon Prime UK here:

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