All about Fire Watch Guards

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Professional security guard services for homes, buildings, and worksites are available. It protects people from the hazards of fire when their fire alarm, sprinkler system, or water system are malfunctioning. To keep an eye on the property, trained fire watch security guards might be stationed on-site. But what exactly is a Fire Watch Guard, let's find out-

What is a Fire Watch Guard?

A fire watch guard is a qualified and experienced individual that you engage to monitor your property for fire threats. Fire watch guards operate in shifts to ensure that the facilities are covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They keep an eye on the places you want to keep safe and call the fire service if there is a fire.

A fire watch guard’s mission is to prevent and limit the damage that a fire might do by checking to see if your anti-fire equipment is properly operating and looking for any anomalies regularly. Businesses who are having problems with their present fire system, as well as those that want to add a layer of protection and safeguard their property, may get comprehensive direction and support from fire watch guards.

When someone believes there is a high risk of a fire breaking out at a site, fire watch guards are frequently recruited. This might be as a result of a malfunctioning alarm system or as a result of specific building activities like welding and flame-cutting.  Businesses who want to protect their employees, property, and equipment (as well as avoid potential fines) hire our fire watch guards to keep an eye out for fire dangers.

What Are The Tasks Of Fire Watch Guards?

Hurricanes, natural catastrophes, malfunctioning equipment, abuse of products, and poor wiring are just a few of the things that might start a fire. Unfortunately, negligence and arson are both major causes of fires (setting fire on purpose). The fire watch guards endeavor to identify and eliminate any risks.

The Fire Watch Guards Will:

  • Keep an eye on your structure or institution.
  • Regularly patrol the premises (every 15-minutes or on the hour)
  • Keep an eye on your building or workplace.
  • Regularly, patrol the premises (every 15-minutes or on the hour)
  • Look for fire dangers on the property that might enhance the danger of a fire spreading.
  • Check to see if your anti-fire devices, such as your fire alarm and sprinklers, are in working order.
  • During each cycle of patrol, keep logs/records of pertinent information.
  • Collaboration with local fire services is a must.
  • In the event of a fire, call the fire department.

When is a Fire Watch Guard required?

If the following applies to you, you’ll need a fire watch guard:

  • If you don’t have any firefighting gear on hand. Throughout the year, the fire watch guards patrol the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They detect any fire threats and notify the fire station as soon as case of a fire outbreak.
  • If you’re planning a business gathering and want to make sure everything goes smoothly and no one gets hurt,
  • If you own a business and must engage a fire watch service to avoid fines,
  • If you’re in charge of a high-risk enterprise.

Keep in mind that a fire extinguisher will not be effective in the event of a large-scale fire. You can repair the destroyed property and compensate for the money loss, but you can’t place a figure on life.

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