Automotive Window Regulator Market to Suffer Slight Decline in 2027, Efforts to Mitigate Coronavirus-related Disruptions Ramp Up

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It is a common sight in the current automotive world that manual window regulators are being rapidly replaced by automated window regulators and it is anticipated that in the upcoming years automobile manufacturers are likely to provide automated window regulators as an option to customers, laying down a path for manufacturers of window regulators to move into focussed product development. Automobile manufacturers around the globe are increasingly moving towards incorporating more automated features into vehicles.

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While these features were more or less reserved for luxurious vehicle variants in the past, it has now begun to creep into entry level and mid-level variants owing to reduced prices of the said features and increased sales competition among manufacturers. In a new publication titled "Automotive Window Regulator Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 - 2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017 - 2027," we have studied the global automotive window regulator market and have observed that Asia Pacific excluding Japan holds the highest market potential in the global automotive window regulator market. Middle East & Africa will remain the most dormant market throughout the forecast period due to low automotive manufacturing activities in the region. It has been noticed that automated window regulators represent a significant market share at the global level in terms of volume and will be the most preferred product type for automobiles making it an attractive opportunity for manufacturers to invest in the development of automatic window regulators.

A glimpse into some of our key observations

  • Reduction in prices, weight reduction, wider product portfolio and long-term supply relations with key vehicle manufacturers catering to all major types of vehicles is the main strategy of major players to enhance customer base and market share
  • Adoption of automated window regulators in countries of Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa could further benefit players in the market
  • A well-structured and efficient supply chain along with an improved retailing network for automotive window regulators are major growth strategies for reaching out to customers

Report Structure

The report is mainly based on value chain and cost structure analysis and starts with a brief yet descriptive executive summary. Our team has analysed the key trends, drivers and restraints from the supply and demand acuity. Our report includes automotive window regulator market definitions to understand the entire process and its components for market analysis along with the product lifecycle of the automotive window regulator market. It also includes a market comparison between automotive components and automotive window regulator components in terms of value. Furthermore, an estimation over market size and percentile share is provided along with the cost structure analysis.

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The report also provides key statistics in terms of value pertaining to automotive window regulator components based on the raw material used in their manufacturing. The market has been tracked from the supply side and the demand size has been considered to triangulate the approach. Macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, automobile production, automobile sales, vehicle parc, urbanisation and disposable income have been considered. In the final section of the report, the global automotive window regulator market landscape is included to provide report viewers with a dashboard outlook based on classifications of providers through the value chain, presence in the automotive window regulator product portfolio and key differentiators.

Market Segmentation

Product TypeConstructionVehicle TypeRegion
Cable Type
Single Rail
Double Rail
Arm Type
Single Arm
Passenger Cars
Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)
Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV)
North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe

Research Methodology

We have adopted a systematic research approach while inspecting this market. In-depth secondary research is used to ascertain overall market size, top industry players, top products and industry associations. Our analysts have also conducted extensive interviews with industry experts, players, distributors and retailers. We have validated data using the triangulation method, in which secondary, primary and Future Market Insights' analysis contribute to the final data. In the compilation of the report, the forecasts are conducted in terms of CAGR, while other important criteria such as year-on-year growth and absolute dollar opportunity have also been incorporated presenting the client with deeper market insights and future opportunities likely to emerge in the global automotive window regulator market.

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