Why Employee Police Checks Are Necessary

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Businesses that are keen on mitigating risks have police checks as one of their strategies. However, regardless of the nature of your operations, it is essential to safeguard your assets and data. Whether it is healthcare, government, finance, or the education sector, having employees with criminal records can be a hazard to your assets and reputation and your stakeholders.

Since businesses are bestowed the duty of care in one way or another, it is vital to do regular police checks, including a Vevo Check. This ensures that the employees you are working worth are permitted to work in your jurisdiction and cause no potential harm to your organization. Here are reasons why you should start conducting the checks.

  • Protection of the company's reputation

Reputational damage can hurt a business. It could affect partnerships, talent recruitment, customer relationships, and revenue. Police checks during the hiring process go a long way in reducing the risk of business reputational damage. That is by addressing reputational risks before they happen.

Employees want to know they are safe when working in your organization, and by doing due diligence, you ensure that you maintain a good reputation with your employees. Internal crime can also affect customers as they may be exposed to fraud and other risks that might cost your reputation with your customers.

Other external stakeholders like partners may be reluctant to work with you if your business has a history of internal crime. Police checks will reduce crime risk, and stakeholders will be more trusting and feel safe working with you.

  • Protection of assets and data

Data is valuable, and its loss may lead to the shutdown of a business, lawsuits, and damage to the business’s reputation. Through police checks, companies ensure that they don't hire employees to put their data at risk. In addition, companies should watch out for cybercrime records, burglary, and theft.

Keeping such employees outside the organization eliminates the risk of data loss, burglary, and company assets’ theft.

  • Save money

Criminal backgrounds checks can save your business money. However, there is a cost for making the wrong hiring decision. Hiring bad talent can affect other employees' engagement which can also hurt the overall productivity of your business.

A wrong hire can also lead to decreased client and partner satisfaction. It can affect sales and even the loss of assets, which will cost your organization. The cost of hiring is also factored in. It is natural for a bad hire to resign eventually or be laid off. This means you will have to go through the hiring process again and incur the cost of advertising, lost hours, and training.


There is a lot of value in investing in police checks for new employees. This will ensure that you create a safe environment for all your employees. You will also protect the business’s reputation and avoid internal crime.

Businesses that conduct police checks for employees have a more trusting relationship with their stakeholders and enjoy more productivity.

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