The Top 12 Torrent Sites for Torrent Lovers Today

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There are dozens of platforms out there that offer the oh-so-popular torrent listings all IT-savvy people know and cherish. Sometimes, though, torrent sites can be shut down or no longer operational for a number of reasons. As such, it is important that you, as a torrent enthusiast, find the top torrent sites that still work and are verified to host the quality uploads you are looking for.

About Torrenting

Torrenting has been around for decades in its base form. Simply put, it is a file-sharing medium that hundreds of millions of people use today, and is considered to be the go-to service when it comes to downloads of large files, and, unfortunately, copyright infringed material such as movies, TV shows, PC and console games, as well as premium software. The name "torrent" comes from BitTorrent technology. The name BitTorrent alludes to a torrential downpour of data. It is important to distinguish that BitTorrent is a name used for both the technology itself as well as the company "BitTorrent Inc." Torrenting, as it is affectionately called, has been around for decades. The technology itself appeared at the beginning of the 2000s and was introduced by Bram Cohen and developed by Rainbberry, Inc., now some twenty-odd years ago.

Sometimes, BitTorrent technology is also confused with the original peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. Although BitTorrent fundamentally works on a P2P protocol, technically speaking it is a variation of P2P. P2P itself has been around a lot longer than BitTorrent and offers other benefits, while BitTorrent is decentralized and the users facilitate the downloads themselves in a cyclical network.

Another difference is that BitTorrent is generally efficient for large files, as it is great for transferring bits and pieces (hence the "Bit" in "BitTorrent" of multi-gigabyte files over a long period of time by connecting computers (users uploading the file) all over the world in a sharing network. Uploading and downloading takes place simultaneously in this network, and can be paused, unlike regular direct downloads.

There are several BitTorrent "clients" out there. These are software applications or web applications that allow users to download torrent files with the .torrent extension. Without a client, it is impossible to unpack a .torrent file and start downloading it. As such, there are several clients out there that are free of charge and can download torrent files. One of these is the very popular uTorrent client that has a web app feature, which means you do not even have to download a program to start downloading torrents. There are other clients out there too, such as BitComet.

What are Torrent Sites?

Once you have a BitTorrent client, now you can grab a file from one of the many torrent platforms out there. These platforms host hundreds of millions of users each month and also host several terabytes (thousands of gigabytes) of various files. As mentioned earlier, the files these platforms host can be anything from a PC game to a Windows application, or even an ebook.

One of the most popular (if not the most popular) torrent platforms out there are The Pirate Bay. This platform is not only popular in that it hosts almost a hundred million users monthly, but is sort of the notorious celebrity "bad boy" of torrent platforms. Several scandals have fallen upon The Pirate Bay, and as a result, some of its creators and staff are in jail as we speak. However, the platform continues to operate by evading online law enforcement by switching domains. The site is famous for its hacking groups that crack the latest AAA games and biggest movies, as well as the most expensive computer and mobile software within days of release.

However, it is important to note that you should not download copyright infringed material for free, as this hurts the creators, developers, and artists behind those products. On the other hand, torrent platforms do not always host illegal content. There is a lot of useful content there that is completely legal and copyright-free, that cannot be found on the regular web. Either way, you should check your nation's laws on "pirated" or "copyrighted" digital material just in case.

The Top 12

There are several popular platforms out there, not just the notorious The Pirate Bay. For example, the top 12 working and verified torrent platforms out there are the following;

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337X
  • Torrentz2
  • YTS
  • EZTV
  • Zooqle
  • LimeTorrents
  • TorrentDownloads
  • IPTorrents
  • Bibliotik

Each of these websites has a unique feature to compete with the others. An example of that is that some are great for TV shows, some for movies, some for games, and even some for ebook lovers. Some have a huge selection of torrents overall, such as our beloved The Pirate Bay or the great RARBG and 1337x platforms. Either way, below you will find that you need to be cautious of visiting such sites by coming prepared with premium cybersecurity software. After all, the internet is not exactly a sanitized place, and not every website can be monitored by security teams. Furthermore, not every website promises to protect you and your data as a visitor (not to mention places like torrent platforms). For this reason, you will find that even The Pirate Bay recommends you do not visit their site without cybersecurity software, which usually appears as a warning on their homepage.

Use Cybersecurity Software if You Are Going to Download Torrents

Whatever you are downloading via torrent, you need to protect your internet connection and your system from hackers, malware, and internet profiling. Thankfully, the advances in technology today allow us to use cybersecurity software for a few dollars a month. This means a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) as well as a premium anti-malware suite. Why? Well, the reason is quite obvious. Torrenting is a shady area, no matter if you are downloading pirated material or not. You would benefit from encrypting your entire internet connection and anonymizing yourself before you browse a torrent platform or use a torrent client. In addition, the antimalware software will scan your internet transmissions in real-time, the web pages you browse, as well as the files you download and determine whether they have been flagged for being unsafe.

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