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Haven Diagnostics Partners with HqO to Aid CRE Leaders in the Return to Office Pandemic-Proof Your Office through Advanced Tenant Technologies

By Shiri Gupta

NEW YORK, September 7, 2020 -- Haven Diagnostics, an infectious disease risk analytics company, has announced a partnership with HqO, the tenant experience platform for commercial office buildings. Together, they aim to provide commercial-level pandemic preparedness to CRE owners and operators. Haven Diagnostics uses agent-based modeling software to certify and validate in-place policies and procedures, factoring in four main categories of variables: tenant profile(s), location, building layout and HVAC, and 470+ medical studies. Haven's strategic partnership with HqO and its award-winning tenant experience technology will allow owners to effectively address evolving health and safety concerns surrounding their office portfolios, ensuring that tenants and employees feel safe returning to the workplace amidst growing COVID-19 concerns. "The safety and security of tenants has always been a landlord's responsibility