Web Site Privacy Statement

SmarTrend® Web Site Privacy Statement

This document was last updated on July 15, 2015.

This Privacy Statement describes our current privacy practices with regard to information we collect when you or your computer interact with our Web sites, including www.mysmartrend.com, www.comtex.com and other sites within our domains. For information about the additional privacy practices of Comtex News Network, Inc. (Comtex) with regard to use of the SmarTrend® Service, please consult our SmarTrend® Service Privacy Statement.

Information Collection and Use

We collect information from our users and their computers when they view our Web sites. We collect both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information. We also collect information from you when you request support or make inquiries about our products or services.

We may ask you to provide us with personally identifiable information at various points while you use our Web sites, such as when you register for a Web site account or when you purchase products or services from us. Examples of the types of personally identifiable information we collect range from your e-mail address to your name, street address, phone or fax number, and credit card information. We use the personally identifiable information you provide about yourself to fulfill your requests for products and services, to contact you about your account, to complete and support your activities, to respond to your inquiries about our offerings, and to customize the content of our Web sites. We use your e-mail address and other personally identifiable information to send you notifications about your account, the services you currently use, if any, and legal or policy matters. We may use your e-mail address and other personally identifiable information to send you our newsletter or to communicate with you about products and services we believe may be of interest to you.

We also may use some of this information in anonymous or statistical forms, such as aggregating geographic information from user addresses or types of industries in which users work, to better understand our customers. We also may ask you to optionally provide us information about your interests to be used for similar purposes. We will ask your permission before using this type of information in a way that personally identifies you.

Log Files

We use the information in our server log files to analyze trends in the usage of our Web sites, to administer and maintain our Web sites, to track a user's path through our Web sites, and to gather broad demographic statistics about our Web sites and the ways in which they are used. Most of the information in these files is not unique to you as an individual, such as the files requested and pages you visit on our Web sites, the Web sites from which you may have been referred to our Web sites, and information about the type of browser you use and its settings. Some of the log files contain IP addresses and other personally identifiable information, which are used to identify user connections and to resolve technical issues related to administration of our Web sites.


A cookie is a small text file stored on a computer that contains information associated with that computer. Our Web sites use cookies for several purposes, such as maintaining your login state, improving the content of our Web sites, providing you with information tailored to your interests, customizing the content of our Web pages, and improving the security of your use of our Web sites. Login cookies are linked to your e-mail address, which is stored with other personally identifiable information.

You can instruct your browser to stop accepting cookies from our Web sites. If you do so, however, you will hinder your experience by, for example, preventing yourself from ordering licenses for SmarTrend® and viewing some information on our Web sites and logging into forums and message boards, as well as preventing us from displaying content customized to the preferences you have specified. You should, however, be able to access most parts of our sites that are available to the general public.

Transparent GIF files

In addition to our own cookies, we use pixels, or transparent GIF files, on our sites to help manage our online advertising and email marketing. These GIF files are provided by one or more third-party service providers, based on our specification as to where they are used. The files enable our service providers to recognize a unique cookie in your Web browser, which in turn enables us and our services providers to learn which advertisements and emails bring you to our website and how you use the site. Examples of the ways in which Comtex and our third party service providers use GIF files include:

  • Tracking customer response to SmarTrend® advertisements, emails and site content
  • Determining your ability to receive HTML-based email messages. This capability helps us or our service providers send you email in a format you can read
  • Knowing how many users open an email and allowing our service providers to compile aggregated statistics about an email campaign for us
  • Allowing us to better target interactive advertising; enhancing customer support and site usability; and providing offers and promotions that we believe would be of interest to you

To conduct these or other activities, we or our service providers sometimes may link personal information you previously have provided us (such as, for example, your name, e-mail address, and the edition of our product that you purchased) to the information the GIF files provide about how you arrive at, navigate through, and leave our sites.

Disclosure of Information

We will not disclose personally identifiable information we collect from you to third parties without your permission except to the extent necessary

  • to fulfill your requests for products or services,
  • to protect the security of our software, services, Web sites, and users,
  • to protect ourselves from liability,
  • to respond to legal process or comply with law, or
  • in connection with a merger, acquisition, or liquidation of the company.

We share statistical information about users of our web sites with third parties, including our vendors, customers, potential customers, distributors, and third parties that offer products or services for use with the SmarTrend® Service. We do not link this information to any personally identifiable information.

We occasionally contract with other companies to provide limited services to us or on our behalf, such as billing or customer support services. When we do so, we provide these companies with only limited access to personally identifiable information. In addition, we may occasionally join with other reputable companies to provide users with third party products and services. We will notify you at the time that you sign up for these products or services that these third parties will obtain personally identifiable information to provide the requested products or services. This Privacy Statement does not cover these companies' use of the information.


The SmarTrend® Service uses encryption technology to protect your privacy and the security of your data and communications.

Security Measures Related to Your Information We take measures to protect the security of personally identifiable information we hold about you. These measures include

  • encrypting sensitive information during transmission,
  • limiting the number of our employees who have access to personally identifiable information,
  • requiring employees with access to personally identifiable information to take appropriate measures to safeguard it, and
  • storing your information in secure places that are protected using standard security technologies.
  • segregating payment or account billing information, information collected through customer support, and CSM and other performance and reliability data, and maintaining these types of information separately.
Changes to this Privacy Statement

Comtex will occasionally update this Privacy Statement as our business and products evolve. When we do, we will also revise the "last updated" date at the top of the Privacy Statement. For material changes to this Privacy Statement, Comtex will notify you by placing prominent notice on the Web site.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement, its implementation, or our practices, please contact us at [email protected].

SmarTrend® Service Privacy Statement

This document was last updated on July 15,2015

This Privacy Statement describes additional privacy practices with regard to information we collect through interactions with you or your computer while you are using the SmarTrend® Service and supplements our SmarTrend® Web Site Privacy Statement. The discussion in this Privacy Statement assumes some familiarity with certain concepts and terminology associated with the SmarTrend® Service, including uptrend and downtrend.

Important Preliminaries About Secured Systems and Third Parties

The Internet is a public network. Many existing means of communicating via the Internet do not provide the level of privacy and security to which we are accustomed when we communicate in our offices, homes, and other physical spaces. SmarTrend® resides on a secured server and requires an ID and password for access thereby ensuring a certain level of security.

Select third parties also have the rights to license SmarTrend®. If you access SmarTrend® from a party other than Comtex News Network, Inc. (Comtex), please read carefully the Third Party Practices section. If the third party operates a Groove Enterprise Management Server, utilizes our Hosted Management Services, or has included data collection features in software it has supplied you, the third party may have access to information it collects about use of the software and it may be able to link this data to user identities or other personally identifiable information. There also are limited circumstances in which third parties may have access to the contents of your shared spaces, as described below in the Third Party Practices and Security sections. This Privacy Statement does not addresses the practices of third parties, including those of our customers and parties who offer software or services for use with the SmarTrend® software. Please read the third party's own statements about its privacy practices or otherwise become familiar with its privacy practices.

Information Collection and Use

We have three types of information about you as a result of your use of the SmarTrend® Service: GUIDs associated with your account, information that you supply us, and CSM information.

Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)
The SmarTrend® Service uses Globally Unique Identifiers, or GUIDs, to identify user accounts. The SmarTrend® Service also uses GUIDs to identify computers or devices on which the software is used. The GUIDs associated with your SmarTrend® Service account and computer are stored on our servers.

Information Supplied by Our Users
We collect personal information from our users when they subscribe to the SmarTrend® Service and when they request support, whether through e-mail, by telephone, through our Web sites, or through automated help features within our products. Examples of the types of information we collect include name, e-mail address and phone number. We also may request additional information such as how you learned about the SmarTrend® Service, how many people work in your company, and the industry in which you work. We use the information you provide about yourself to fulfill your requests for products and services, to complete and support your activities, and to respond to your inquiries about our offerings. We use your e-mail address and other personal information to send you notifications about your account, the services you currently use, and legal or policy matters. Your account GUID and identity GUID are linked to any personal information you provide and personal information that you provide when purchasing additional services is linked to your account GUID, so that we can provide you with those services.

Customer Service Manager Information (CSM)
If a problem occurs, the SmarTrend® Service automatically notifies Comtex's Customer Service Manager (CSM) server about the problem, and then works with it to fix the problem. The information transmitted to the CSM server includes the partial execution state of your computer at the time the problem occurred. In addition to collecting information about problems and enabling software updates, the CSM server also continually collects statistical information that helps us improve our products and services and develop new products and services. Examples of the type of information that we collect through the CSM server include the

  • number of login attempt successes and failures,
  • edition and version of the SmarTrend® Service and Web browser, you use,
  • specifications of your computer, including processor, memory, operating system, and network configuration, and
  • use made of our automated help features.

Your CSM information is linked to your account and device GUIDs on our servers. Comtex does not use CSM information in a manner that personally identifies you, except with your consent for purposes of providing you support. Comtex operates the servers from which our customers access the SmarTrend® Service. We collect aggregate usage information from the customer's domain(s) on those servers, but we do not access personally identifying information that resides on those servers.

Third Party Practices

If you obtained access to the SmarTrend® Service from a third party (e.g., Track Data, Knobias, Stockgroup), please read the third party's privacy statement or otherwise learn about the third party's privacy practices. This is important because these parties may have access to usage information and this information may be linked to personal information about users.

Deactivating Accounts

You may choose to terminate the SmarTrend Service, with 24 hours prior notice, by writing to [email protected]. All information collected up to the date on which you terminate access will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Statement.


Except as specifically permitted in this Statement, no provision of this Statement can be, nor be deemed to be, waived, altered, modified or amended unless agreed to in writing signed by an authorized officer of Comtex (Vice President or higher).