Weekly Performance

Q: Chip: I learned of your company while following IBOC, which I'm following closely. I'm interested in learning more about your product. Could you please send me performance details on your calls? Regards, Tony A: Thanks for the email.  Below please find some stats for the past two weeks.  The Win % column represents trend calls that are trading above the trend alert price in the case of an Uptrend, or below the alert price in the case of a Downtrend.  The average length of the Uptrends is approaching the outer limits of our historical average and, as we have seen, more Downtrends are starting to be called.  We called a large number of Downtrends in early June in anticipation of this corrective phase as the Uptrend cycle has reached a fatigue point.  The higher average return of the Uptrends is largely due to the massive rally we have had since March.  Downtrends should start to outperform as the market turns and heads lower, as was the case early this year and all of 2008 when the total # of Downtrends well exceeded the total # of Uptrends.  As these numbers reach extremes, it is usually a sign that a reversal may be in the offing.  You will notice the average return of the Downtrends is starting to accelerate.   Follow our Morning Call to have a better idea as to whether Uptrends or Downtrends will outperform on any given day or week.   perf1