Vodafone Group (NYSE:VOD)

Q: Hi there,

I've been using the trading the markets site for a while now and have learnt a great deal. However, i am seeking some advise more directly. I have been given the opportunity to join an investment company on the condition of the 2nd interview to pitch some Vodafone shares. Do you have any advice on perhaps the general pitch itself and Vodafone?

Many Thanks

A:We issued an Uptrend on shares of VOD back on 4/1/09 @ $18.44.  The stock has traded mostly sideways since then, bumping along the 200-day average resistance line.  The shares have had a hard time going above $20.  If you draw a trendline from the March 9 low to the June 8 low, you will see that VOD shares crossed below that line which is a little bearish.  Hasn’t fallen too far below but will take some work to get back above.  On the positive side, the 50-day moving average is looking to cross above the 200-day average which is sometimes considered a bullish technical indicator.  Again, we still have VOD in an uptrend but monitoring it carefully for any changes.

As for your pitch, all I can say is good luck.