Sprint (S)

Q: Over the last twelve months how successful and accurate has your company "Trends" on any stock. To help, give me your comanys trends on "S" -Lee A: Thanks for the email. We get this question often. With trend trading, you should be able to outperform other startegies by not being in a stock during massive drawdowns, and by catching the big uptrends, when they occur. Will there be whipsaws? Sure - but one large trend pays for them all and then some. That is the essence of trend trading and why it has been one of the most successful trading strategies. We at SmarTrend think our trend calling system is the best in the business. As for your specific inquiry on Sprint, see below our calls over the past few years. Was every call a winner? No. They don't have to be and I would be skeptical of any system that claimed 100% accuracy. SmarTrend, as with any system-based trading system, relies on statistics. You only need a small % more winners than losers so long as your average winning trade is greater than your average losing trade. Over time, that combination is a recipe for success. About 64% of the calls on S were winners, with an average win/loss of 1.4x. That translates into a more than 88% return if you invested $1,000 at the start of 2007 and traded our trends (much better than the market and if you just bought and held). Further, we think of our trend alerts as position initiation calls. Meaning, even better results can be achieved if you close the position before the opposite trend alert is made, after you have achieved profits that align with your objectives. s