Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:SWKS)

Q: Chip,

Are you expecting that earnings will come in with a positive outlook for the next quarter? What information do you have?


A: SWKS has been in an Uptrend, according to the SmarTrend system, since Feb. 6 and has not looked back yet other than a couple of minor corrections to the 50-day moving average which have been good buy points.  Our NDBV indicator has hit overbought levels.  Today will be a key day as earnings estimates are for EPS of about 14-15 cents, 11% more than the year-ago period.  The company has missed EPS estimates the past few  quarters so if SWKS is to continue on the move higher, it will need to finally top the estimates or I expect a correction to $10.  Will be watching for the report soon.