Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ:PLUG)

Q: Hello Chip, I got your name from stock info. in my Scottrade account.  I have shares of PLUG power.  Do you see any advance in this stock in the near future, or is it a dead issue?  Thank you for your information. Ron A: We issued a Downtrend to our subscribers on 2/20/09 at 82 cents.  Since then the stock has tried to rally through its moving average but failed at the 200-day on 6/11/09 and PLUG has fallen since.  The stock is likely to retest the lows of November 2008 (66 cents) and March 2009 (68 cents).  SmarTrend is optimized for stocks with a price per share of more than $2 since penny stocks tend to throw off statistics a bit since moves of only a few cents equate to large moves on a percentage basis.  Having said that, keep an eye on those lows for a possible bounce.