Q: Hi Brian, Can you either tell me or direct me as to where someone that knows their stuff thinks where the stock of mbia will be one, two, and three years from now? Thanks A: MBI has been in a long term downtrend for quite some time.  Our most recent Downtrend call was on June 16th right after it fell below the 50-day moving average.  That was around $5.25.  Our system cannot really look out 3 years from now since that’s a lot of time and in that much time a whole lot can happen.  SmarTrend is based on the premise that stocks go up and down over long periods of time but in between those time periods, you can find smaller up and down moves.  That is what we focus on.  Our trends last, on average, about a month but some are quicker and some go on for 2-3 months or more.  Having said all of that, MBI looks like its trying to find some support around the $4 range.  The rate of decline since when we downtrended has slowed so it may trade in a tight range here but we probably wont be calling an Uptrend until it settles and starts climbing back toward those resistance levels of around $5.50.  So it has some work to do until then.