Hercules Offshore, Inc. (NASDAQ:HERO)


What is your long-term thinking about HERO stock?
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A: SmarTrend is optimized for trend with an average duration of about 30 trading days.  Our trends can last from anywhere between a few days to a few months but the average is about one month.  We issued a Downtrend on HERO on 6/15 at $3.78.  The stock has been met with resistance at the 50-day moving average overhead.  However, there is a bullish cross that is very close between the 50 and 200-day averages, there has been an upturn in the MACD, and our proprietary NBDV and IBDV are rising which could result in an Uptrend soon should HERO be able to get through $4.25 or so.  Keep checking for an alert on HERO on www.mysmartrend.com and check our free Morning Call newsletter so you can get the latest on broader market technical indicators.