GenVec, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNVC)and Ariad Pharmaceuticals(NASDAQ:ARIA)

Q: HI CHIP, HOPE ALL WELL. I HAVE BEEN TRADING FOR MANY YEARS. I LIKE YOUR SYSTEM, BECAUSE OF THE TRANQUILITY OF NOT CHECKING THE COMPUTER ALL DAY. I AM JUST TRADING THE TREND AND WAIT FOR A CHANGE OF DIRECTION OR TO SELL OR COVER MY SHORT. I'VE BEEN ON THE MARKETS FOR ALMOST 14 YEARS NOW... SINCE I WAS 17-18. HONEST, I LIKE YOUR SYSTEM. I HAVE A QUESTION ON 2 STOCKS I HAVE AND ARE GNVC WITH IS UP TREND ON YOUR SYSTEM AND ARIA AS WELL IS IN UPTREND. ARIA ITS BEEN 41 DAYS ON THE UPTREND AND GNVC A WHOPPING 188 DAYS AND NO MOVEMENT EITHER WAY. PLS CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT U THINK ON BOTH STOCKS? BR MOISES. A: We have an Uptrend on GenVec as of Jan 9th.  The stock tried to get through the $1.20 but had trouble and since retreated to the 200-day moving average and is now trying to rally again.  But our Uptrend remains.  I will not that SmarTrend is optimized for stocks with per share prices greater than $2 as the percentage move a few cents make on penny stocks can distort statistics.  Our calls are still fairly good but not as good as stocks with higher prices. Ariad has been in an Uptrend since June 5 and after falling back to its moving average's stock has broken out above them once again.  Also, 50-day average has bullishly crossed the 200-day which is a good sign for our Uptrend signal.  Stochastics and MACD also rising.