American Capital (NASDAQ:ACAS)

Q: Hi, I saw your price movement article on ACAS, and was wondering what you think is in future for the stock in terms of this upcoming stock dividend they are paying out, and the recent sale of a portfolio company for $80MM, does that do anything to help them out, they seem very undervalued to me, but i'm afraid to take a shot at it just because it seems the stock is pricing in a possible bankruptcy.Thanks in advance for any insight you might have... Cheers, Ali A: We Uptrended ACAS on 3/24 @ $1.90 and after rising for a while, the stock has been reltaively flat so no change in trend since that time.  The stock is below its 50-day moving average and the longer it stays there, the more risk there is for the stock to see lower levels.  I would look for a breakout over $3.25 to be a positive sign where it could take another crack at getting above the $5 mark.  It tried twice since March but failed to close above. Regards