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Jerry Fletcher

SmarTrend® Stock Market Tips, Timing and Trend Trading Systems FAQ

Can SmarTrend products be used for day trading? SmarTrend Advanced provides real-time changes in trend direction for over 5,000 stocks, which may be utilized to identify short-term trading opportunities. For specific buy and sell recommendations, SmarTrend Advisor provides a model portfolio that holds up to 25 positions for an average holding period of 5-25 days. Does SmarTrend recommend shortable stocks? Yes, SmarTrend downtrend alerts… Read More »SmarTrend® Stock Market Tips, Timing and Trend Trading Systems FAQ

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Technical Analysis of the Head and Shoulders Pattern Head and shoulders pattern is a technical analysis term referring to a chart formation in which a price exhibits three successive rallies, the second one being the highest. Head and shoulders pattern is one of the most widely used and reliable chart patterns in technical analysis. The pattern gets… Read More »Head and Shoulders Pattern

Wedge Pattern

A wedge pattern is formed on a stock market chart whenever the trend’s lines converge. This typically occurs when both lines have the same upward or downward trend but with different slopes. A falling wedge is traditionally believed to be a period of rest between upward movements. Wedge patterns are displayed in a sideways movement and tend… Read More »Wedge Pattern

Triangle Chart Pattern

TRIANGLE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS A triangle chart pattern is one in which a price range gets narrower over time because of lower tops and higher bottoms. Some triangles come to a point in the middle of the two base points, but there are also ascending and descending triangles for which the tops decrease less than the bottoms increase,… Read More »Triangle Chart Pattern

Rounding Bottom Patterns

Rounding bottom patterns are reversal patterns that develop over the long-term, sometimes as long as several months to several years. Rounding bottom patterns signal a gradual upswing after a downward trend and are sometimes called saucer bottoms. Rounding Bottoms Technical Analysis In a rounding bottoms technical analysis, the chart’s pattern will resemble a cup without its handle.… Read More »Rounding Bottom Patterns