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4/6/10 - In an interview with CNBC, Verizon (NYSE:VZ) CEO Ivan Seidenberg said he was interested in carrying Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and said that the decision was entirely up to Apple.
This comes a week after speculation increased that Apple was working on a CDMA-based iPhone for release this summer, the technology used on Verizon's wireless network

video platform video management video solutions video player

4/5/2010-CareFusion (NYSE:CFN) agreed to acquire Medegen in a cash deal valued at $225 million. Medegen is a producer of devices that delivery needle-less intravenous medications. Shares of CareFusion haven't traded pre-market Monday. video platform video management video solutions video player

Both the Amazon Kindle e-reader and the Apple iPad - due out this weekend - are competing to replace the 550 year old printed book. So naturally consumers want to know - which device is easier on the eyes? The good news is neither device will cause damage to the eye. Opthalmologists say that both the e-paper format of the Amazon Kindle and the back lit LCD screen of the iPad are relatively the same in terms of how they each affect the eye. Although, reviewers of the products say that the iPad does one up the Kindle when reading from odd angles, the iPad has a new display technology called "in plane switching" so you can see the screen from different angles. But the kindle carries the advantage if your taking in a book at the beach - LCD screens like the one on the Apple ipad get progressively worse in the sunlight, while the kindle's epaper becomes clearer with ambient light. While adversely the ipad is better in dimly lit situations. For those who have an eye condition called constrast sensitivey, the Kindle could be a bad choice, the epaper technology could cause a struggle to distinguish the text from it's background, while iPad alleviates that problem. And then of course there is always the sony reader and barnes and noble nook to consider as well.

Shares of Finish Line (NASDAQ:FINL) are trading 6.4% higher to $17.39 premarket Thursday after the sports apparel retailer was upgraded to "outperform" from "market perform" at FBR Capital Markets Corp., citing "strong" sales growth.

Budget carrier Virgin Blue announced late Thursday that it would buy as many as 105 new Boeing (NYSE:BA) 737s in its largest ever single plan order.

While financial terms of the order were not disclosed, the company's CEO Brett Godfrey said the deal was made on "attractive commercial terms."

The Australia-based carrier said the deal includes orders for 50 B737-800NG aircraft, 25 additional secured as options and 30 future buying rights.

Delivery of the aircrafts is scheduled from June next year through 2017.

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) settled an ink-cartridge patent infringement dispute with Print-Rite Holdings Thursday as the Hong Kong-based company agreed to withdraw the products, Dow Jones reported.

Print-Rite will stop selling H-P patent-protected cartridges in the U.S. market and other countries that have corresponding patent filings.

U.S. stock futures are trading higher Thursday on new signs of global economic recovery. Reports showed growth in China and the euro zone. Economic reports due out today include the Institute for Supply Management's manufacturing index, due out at 10 AM ET. Economists expect the manufacturing index rose to 57 in March, up from 56.5 a month earlier. The Labor Department reported that initial jobless claims fell 6,000 to 439,000, just missing consensus estimates of 440,000. Continuing claims fell 6,000 to 4,662,000. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) futures are trading 65.00 points above fair value, the S&P500 (INX) futures are trading 6.70 points above fair value, and the Nasdaq Composite (IXIC) futures are trading 8.75 points higher.

Ford Motor (NYSE:F) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced that they are teaming up in an effort to accelerate widespread adoption of the electric car.

Ford said that it plans to use Microsoft's Hohm electric-car charging optimization service to help drivers determine the ideal time to charge vehicles and how to best minimize impact on the grid.

CEO Alan Mulally said, "For Ford, this is a needed step in the development of the infrastructure that will make electric vehicles viable."

Shares of Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) are trading 1.5% higher to $45.63 premarket Wednesday after the maker of controls for planes and buildings increased its Q1 EPS forecast to $0.45 to $0.49 from a previous projection of no more than $0.45.

Consensus estimates are for EPS of $0.44.

Honeywell also said it plans to log a one-time non-cash charge of $13 million in the current quarter in reaction to the recently passed health care reform bills.