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We’re here to help you get started on your trading journey and enhance your trading skills. View SmarTrend's suite of FREE resources, including our daily Morning Call newsletter, online product walkthroughs, weekly webinars and personalized tutorials.

Morning Call Newsletter

Our FREE Morning Call newsletter provides daily expert macroeconomic and fundamental market analysis and commentary + Corporate Corner and a peak at some sample trends.

Online Platform Walkthrough Videos

Take a look inside the SmarTrend platform. Learn the basics of the key features and understand the functionality of the tools available to you. Available to view anytime!

Weekly Technical Analysis Webinars

Receive an introduction to investing topics and strategies from a technical analysis perspective to provide a framework for implementing trading decisions in conjunction with SmarTrend research. Topics will include theory and history, chart and pattern analysis, market indicators, and trend analysis, among others.

One-on-One Product Tutorials

Set-up a one-on-one tutorial with one of our analysts to walk you through the various SmarTrend product features and show you how to tailor your dashboard to best meet your personal trading needs.


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