What Are The Common Types Of Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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Facebook is one of the most important social media marketing channels to reach your target audience and grow your business.

Facebook is one of the most important social media marketing channels to reach your target audience and grow your business. Normally, a person spends 2-3 hours daily on Facebook. A lot of people make mistakes when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool. Let’s see these common Facebook marketing mistakes in this article.

Using Facebook profile for marketing your business

Using a Facebook profile for marketing your business is not advised due to a few reasons. This is because profile account doesn’t provide any analytics data that will display how your followers engage with your page content. Due to absence of these analytics insights, there is no other way to monitor what strategies work or fail.

Another reason is you will end up violating the terms of conditions of service determined by Facebook. There will be chances that profile of a person who is found to market their business get deleted due to violation of policies. So, spending money and resources in performing this activity is not at advised.

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Use of a group on Facebook to market your business

Some people form a group on Facebook to market their businesses. This can cause a lot of problem to users whose aim is to connect with Facebook users with the same goals and interests and not a specific brand.

In groups where members join on the basis of their common interest provides right to everyone of what has been said. In groups, where as a single person controls topic is not successful. In addition to it, Facebook did not form “Groups” for the objective of marketing.

Posting with shortened URLs

Most of the 3rd party tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite make use of URL shorteners to create long URLs that fit in character constraints of websites like Twitter.

According to the study performed on the impact of URL on the website click through rate, it was found that “full-length” URLs get 3 times more clicks as compared to what a shortened URL can provide them. In other words, a shortened URL present on Facebook has a negative influence on the ability of your business.

Treat your Facebook page seriously

Another thing that deprives people to get the maximum benefit out of their Facebook marketing efforts, is their relaxed approach. Many business marketers on Facebook treat their business pages on Facebook with very relaxed approach as though it is their profile page. People rarely use their Facebook profiles with a business agenda.

Use of a Facebook profile page is a different social activity. It is not just a relaxing activity but also fun. However, Facebook person profile pages are entirely different from a Facebook business profile page. You need to have a well-planned strategy that provides an understanding of your fan base, while presenting a distinctive message, with measuring results.


Facebook is one of the cost- effective and influential marketing strategies for a business. By getting aware of these mistakes, you can learn from them and not repeat it in your business.