Cermet Market Development Trends Forecast, Regional Overview and Consumers Analysis by 2027

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VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. - A cermetis a material made by the combination of ceramic and metallic materials.Cermets are designed such that they poses optimum characteristics of both,metals and ceramics. They can be reshaped like metals and display high hardnessand temperature resistance like ceramics. Cermets find applications as bindersfor borides, carbides or oxides. Usually, metallic materials or elements usedfor making cermets are cobalt, molybdenum and nickel. Cermets can alsobe metal matric compounds depending on their physical structure, but generallythey have less than 20% metal by volume.

Cermetsare used in the manufacturing of capacitors, resistors (especiallypotentiometer) and several other small electronic parts and components that aresubjected to high temperatures. They are also used for cutting and materialremoving operations in saws and brazed tools, owing to their superioranti-corrosion and wear properties. Titanium carbide (TiC), Titaniumcarbonitride (TiCN), Titanium nitride (TiN) and other titanium materials, suchas tungsten carbide can be formed if appropriately manufactured. Nevertheless,they need distinct handling during grinding operations.

Cermetsare increasingly finding varied applications in many manufacturing industries,due to their properties of malleability and ductility, typically associatedwith metals, alongside with favorable properties of ceramics, such as hardnessand compressive strength. Cermet materials, such as aluminium-max phasecompounds have important applications in aerospace and automotive industries.Particular categories of cermets are used as spacecraft shielding, since theypossess properties to resist high velocity impacts from orbital debris and micrometeoroidsmuch more successfully than custom spaceship materials, such as aluminum andother metals.

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CermetMarket: Dynamics

Thecermet market has a lot of scope in the research and development departmentwith innovative and advanced upgrades anticipated in the near future. Some prominentmarket participants are trying to develop advanced cermets that will possessideal properties. The market has been evolving over a period of time andcermets have become an important material in aviation and space sectors. Growthof manufacturing industries by cutting and material removal operations with theuse of cermets has boosted demand for the cermet market and hence, this marketis forecasted to grow yet more rapidly in the future. The market for cermetswill remain strong in the near-term as this material has been garneringattention in all emerging economies.

Theseadvantages of cermets and their ability to resist high temperatures effectivelyare considered to be prominent drivers for the global cermet market. Thelifespan of the overall manufacturing operation has increased with theeffective use of cermet tools. Furthermore, with the use of cermets, maincomponents now have a longer operational life and the accuracy in manufacturinghas increased considerably. By the analysis of the above situations, the cermetmarket is estimated to expand with an incremental rate in the nearfuture.

CermetMarket: segmentation

Thecermet market can be segmented by product type and application.

On thebasis of product type, the cermet market can be segmented as:

  • Oxide-based
  • Carbide-based
  • Nitride-based
  • Boride-based
  • Metal-based

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On thebasis of application, the global cermet market can be segmented into:

  • Aerospace
  • Equipmentmanufacturing
  • Buildingmaterials mining
  • Cuttingprocess
  • Others(electronics, medical)

Cermet:Regional Outlook

NorthAmerica and Europe have abundant natural resources and manufacturingindustries, which will drive the demand for cermet materials and tools in theseregions. BRICS nations are expected to contribute significantly to the globalcermet market over the forecast period. Moreover, the need to manufactureperfect materials and objects will fuel growth of the global cermets marketthroughout the forecast period.

Thecermet market is projected to grow with a high CAGR over the forecast period,due to its increasing application in all end use industries globally.Furthermore, new inventions and technologies will foster growth in the globalcermet market.

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CermetMarket: Market Participants

  • KYOCERACorporation
  • OerlikonMetco
  • NTKCutting Tools
  • MitsubishiHitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.
  • Kennametal
  • SandvikCoromant
  • RomayCorporation
  • TaegutecLtd.
  • TungaloyCorporation
  • IscarLtd.
  • KorloyInc.
  • Ceram Tec
  • CermetMaterials

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