Technological Advancements to Increase Production & Enhance Quality of Tissue Paper Market

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Analysts of the tissue paper market have a positive outlook for market growth during the forecast period of 2019-2027.

Value-added benefits are a staple in the tissue paper landscape that help drive market value growth. Manufacturers introduce a range of value-added benefits such as ingredients in products, pursuing innovations and improved functionality in tissue-based products. Additional ingredients in products such as toilet paper and facial tissues include fragrances, disinfectants, as well as essential oils, so as to provide gentleness on the skin.

Stakeholders are driving demand for tissue paper-based products by providing lucrative product offerings such as limited edition toilet paper ingrained with scents of rare blossoms. Since facial tissue is anticipated to account for ~24%of the market value share by the end of2019, manufacturers are introducing innovative product lines such asfacial tissueswith almond oil, aloe vera extracts, and antibacterial ingredients to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Innovative Packaging and Environment-friendly Strategies to Tackle Market Competition

Since the tissue paper landscape is moderately fragmented, it is easy for small- and medium-scale manufacturers to enter the market. In the highly competitive landscape of the tissue paper market, consumers are likely to base their purchase decisions according to the price of the product. As such, stakeholders are overcoming the price barrier of tissue-based products with innovative packaging solutions to increase the attractiveness of tissue products and make them stand out in the crowded store shelves.

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Stakeholders are collaborating with design labs to create attention-grabbing designs that give a strong reason to the consumers to choose their brand over product loyalty. Also, transparency of information to highlight product features and benefits in a clear and uniform manner go a long way in developing an effective sales strategy. For instance, inJune 2019, Sofidel - a leading Italian producer of tissue paper, announced the launch of new paper packaging for Rotoloni Regina Eco - Sofidel Regina’stoilet paperproduct, as well as for Regina Mit Herzen - a kitchen towel product by Sofidel Regina.

As consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, recycled, tree-free, and plastic-free toilet paper are surfacing in the tissue paper landscape. Stakeholders can produce recycled toilet paper from post- and pre-consumer recycled content and paper scraps. On the other hand, tree-free and plastic-free toilet paper is produced from fast-growing plants such as bamboo, sugarcane, bagasse, and eucalyptus, which serve as a far better renewable raw material resource as compared to slow-growing trees.

Sustainable Sourced Content: Need of the Hour in the Tissue Paper Market

Manufacturing toilet paper from clear-cut trees and forests is raising the question of the destructive 'tree-to-toilet' pipeline. There is the growing need for manufacturers to adopt sustainable production operations to produce tissue paper products, to emerge as an environmental-friendly brand.

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As such, stakeholders are making use of recycled and responsibly-sourced content to manufacture toilet paper. Instead on depending upon virgin fiber acquired from ancient forests, manufacturers are making use of recycled and sustainably-sourced fibers and pulps. Such sustainable practices are significantly reducing the destructive impact on ancient forest covers.

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