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Think about how often you check your phone daily? Now out of those times what exactly are you doing? Catching up on social media... messaging or replying to a friend over text? Or, are you just browsing to be entertained? What about apps? A study from Asurian, the smartphone insurance company, found that the average American checks their phone over 80 times a day.

It’s hard to keep entertained with so much checking. Discovering something new and relevant is key to enjoying articles and videos on your phone. It could be breaking news, funny videos, a national news story, or just a story that’s perfect for you, but hasn’t gone mainstream yet.

TopBuzz is a Local News App like no Other

TopBuzz is different from other headline news apps, because it’s focused on whoever is using it. Which means no two users will have the exact experience. It’s a personalized news feed that caters to what users really want, like less biased news. If a person wants to read up on about health and fitness articles, then dive into the latest sports news, or keep tabs on juicy celebrity gossip news, why not have it all in one place?

TopBuzz Makes News More Personal 

TopBuzz takes individual articles/videos and pairs them with individual users. User’s actions and habits determine what content they see - not a news editor. Traditionally news editors and producers determined how stories and articles are grouped on news sites, publications, or aired on network news. TopBuzz gives people more of what they want and how they want it with the help of powerful artificial intelligence.

Your Mix of News and Entertaining Stuff

“Stuff” is the best way to describe the trove of virtual goodies that can be found on TopBuzz. It’s hard to classify funny videos, weird news, GIFs, and video clips that can range from DIY clips to just plain shocking. But when a relevant mix shows up in a person’s feed it all makes sense. It may take a bit of getting used to seeing trending news next to big world news, but the more you scroll, the more you get used to it. 

Get your news on your terms... try TopBuzz. 

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