SmarTrend® Stock Market Tips, Timing and Trend Trading Systems FAQ

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What is SmarTrend?
Comtex SmarTrend is an automated pattern recognition system that delivers real-time "Uptrend" and "Downtrend" signals directly to you. Based on proprietary algorithms developed and tested over 25 years, SmarTrend shows you what you need to improve your timing and trading results. Hundreds of data points on over 5,000 securities are simultaneously analyzed to result in this unique trend change notification system. See our Performance page for more information.
How many stocks are included in SmarTrend?
How many alerts can be expected each day?
More than 5,000 US-traded stocks are included in SmarTrend; typically 50-100 alerts are issued on trading days. You can choose to view all the alerts or just focus on a Watchlist of stocks you want to follow.
Are Uptrend or Downtrend alerts from the SmarTrend system related to the news stories delivered with them?
SmarTrend alerts may be related to the accompanying news stories, but there is not necessarily a cause-effect relationship between them. The delivery of SmarTrend alerts with real-time news gives investors unique information about specific stocks at the precise point in time when a price trend change is indicated.
Is an Uptrend a recommendation to buy a stock?
An Uptrend signal is an indication of the upward direction of a stock based upon our automated pattern recognition system. Whether or not to buy a stock must be evaluated in the context of all available information and your particular financial circumstances.
Is a Downtrend a recommendation to sell a stock, to short a stock or both?
A Downtrend signal is an indication of the downward direction of a stock based upon our automated pattern recognition system. Whether or not to sell or short a stock must be evaluated in the context of all available information and your particular financial circumstances.
Do any SmarTrend alerts change after they are issued? Will I be notified?
In order to alert you as to new Uptrend and Downtrends at the fastest possible speed, intraday market data are used to find the "tipping point" in the trend changing process. However, some alerts may not achieve the statistical level of confidence required during our post-trading session analysis of all the pricing data. A daily Trend Confirmation Report is sent to you via email for those stocks on your Watchlist following post-trading session analysis. Initial, real-time SmarTrend Alerts are displayed in gold throughout the site - on "My Watchlist," "SmarTrend Alerts," and the arrows on the SmarTrend charts. If you want to be notified whether a trend alert for a stock you are interested in is confirmed in our overnight process, please add it to your Watchlist.
How can I see the stocks I'm interested in?
To search for a company's symbol or name, just enter the company's symbol or name in the Company Lookup field. To look up a SmarTrend chart including some basic fundamental and trend alert history, just enter the company symbol in the Company Lookup field.
Are there historical trend alert data?
Yes. When viewing a chart on a particular company, select a date range at the bottom of the chart to see historical trend alerts.
Why can't I see the charts?
SmarTrend uses a Silverlight application to provide charts that are updated in real-time. If the charts aren't showing up on your browser, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of Silverlight. Go to to download and install the latest version for free.
How do I read a SmarTrend chart?
The arrows on the SmarTrend charts indicate when an UPTREND or DOWNTREND was identified on the stock being researched. The gold arrows indicate real-time alerts, the red arrows indicate DOWNTREND alerts and the green arrows, UPTREND alerts. Both the red and green arrows indicate trends that have been confirmed during post-trading session analysis. You can mouse over the data on the chart which will bring up a box with daily price (including open, high, low, close), volume data, and the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. SmarTrend charts utilize candlesticks which allow for improved technical analysis. For more information on how to read candlestick charts, see this article on Investopedia: SmarTrend charts also allow you to zoom and minimize for an in-depth view.
Can I change the time period for the chart?
To change the time period for the chart, a date selection is at the bottom of the chart. You can also drag the time horizon bar at the bottom of the chart.
How do I upgrade to new versions of SmarTrend?
All SmarTrend subscribers automatically upgrade to new versions as they are released.
What is My Watchlist?
My Watchlist is the tool where you can add or delete companies you wish to track. A symbol lookup tool is provided to enable you to add companies by ticker or company name. If you want to be notified for trend alerts on a particular company or whether an intraday trend alert for a stock you are interested in is confirmed in our overnight process, please add it to your Watchlist.
How do I add or remove a company to My Watchlist?
Simply click the add or remove button under the Watchlist column on any particular company you wish to add or remove.
How do I get alerts via email?
To receive email alerts click Edit in the Setting tab and indicate that you would like to receive alerts via email by ticking the Email Alerts box and clicking Save Changes. You will automatically receive email alerts for all symbols added to your Watchlist moving forward.
How do I change the email address where I receive alerts?
Use the Setting tab, which enables you to change the email address where alerts are received. Under edit function of the Setting tab you can indicate that you would like to receive alerts via email by ticking the Email Alerts box and clicking Save. This can be changed as frequently as you wish. If you do not change your email address after signing up, the email address you used to sign up for SmarTrend is the default address.
Can I turn my email alerts off?
While alerts can be turned on or off individually from the My Watchlist tab, the Preferences tab has a global control that allows you to temporarily suspend all alerts.
Why can't I get information for xxx company?
While SmarTrend tracks most equity securities traded on US exchanges and OTC/NASDAQ, its sophisticated pattern recognition software can only issue alerts on companies with enough market data to provide statistically accurate information. For more information about why a particular company may not be covered, contact our Client Services group.
How much does SmarTrend cost?
Standard pricing for SmarTrend is $99.95 per month and can be canceled at anytime.
How can I try the product?
New users receive a 14-day FREE trial when they sign up for the product. Click here to try SmarTrend for free!
How do I sign up?
Users can click here to sign up for SmarTrend. New users will receive an username and password via email within one business day.
How do I log in?
On the upper-right corner of the home page, users will see a login button and just click on it or click here to login. Username and password information should be entered exactly as provided.
What if I forget my ID and/or password?
When you click on the login button on the homepage,, you will find a section "Forgot Password?". When you click on the link, you will be asked for your Username or E-mail address. After you submit either your Username or E-mail address, your password will be emailed directly to the email address provided upon sign up. If the Username is unknown, users may contact SmarTrend via the contact page.
How do I cancel my SmarTrend subscription?
To cancel your trial or subscription to SmarTrend, please call us at 703-797-8135 or 1-800-266-8399, Monday through Friday.
What kind of support is available after I purchase SmarTrend?
Our highly trained Client Services staff can assist you in operating SmarTrend by telephone or e-mail during market hours. Client Services can be reached either via the contact page or phone: 703-797-8135 or 1-800-266-8399.
Do you offer trading information support? Market information support?
SmarTrend or Comtex is not a financial advisor and does not render any support or advice regarding the actual trading of securities. SmarTrend does provide free expert market analysis via the daily newsletters, Morning Call - and throughout the day, visit our News & Market Analysis page for up-to-the-minute market information.

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