About Us


Comtex News Network, Inc. is the leading provider of economically useful electronic real-time news, content and proprietary SmarTrend market products. Comtex receives, enhances, combines and filters news and content received from national and international news bureaus, agencies and publications, and distributes more than one million total stories per day—in customized form to meet clients’ news requirements. Comtex's innovative technology gathers nearly 45,000 stories a day from more than 70 publisher partners to create a variety of news products, based on market demand.


Comtex’s product suite is positioned with a special emphasis on the financial content industry yet maintains a sizeable publisher base to fully serve companies of any size, geography or industry allowing them to increase readership and revenue-generation opportunities.


Comtex's customers receive topical content in NewsML industry standard format. Each story is enhanced with U.S. and Canadian stock tickers, keywords, and other elements of added value. Comtex now offers a subset of its news in XHTML, the latest in mark-up language technology.


Comtex also provides several SmarTrend Alert products to consumers, including a daily stock market letter (Morning Call), selected stock news (SmarTrend Spotlights, SmarTrend Market Commentary, and SmarTrend NewsWatch), and its banner product, SmarTrend Alerts (via subscription at www.mysmartrend.com).


Comtex News Network, Inc. has offices in New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; and Alexandria, Virginia.